New Guy: First Flyer Project Hard Reject. Advice Needed

Hey guys. Concerned about why my project is getting rejected. Please fill me in on some common rejection criteria so I can improve. I’d love to hear any opinions. It’s impossible to know what to fix when there’s no reasons given from the envato team. I’d hate to get rejected again.

Any words of encouragement or advice from those of you who have been there before?


May have just answered my own question. I had put my company logo and website on the previews. Would this disqualify it? And could I resubmit upon removal?

• Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file)

Nothing wrong with putting your logo on it, certainly there are authors including myself who do that. :slight_smile: But if it’s rejected for an issue like that, they’ll tell you in the email. Looking at the design I can see why it was rejected. It’s very close to ready but there are issues with the typography. Some of it isn’t standing out enough so it’s fighting with other graphic elements for your attention. Particularly “It’s Scary” and KIDS HALLOWEEN BASH. They are overshadowed by the graphics around them. It’s crucial for visual communication that important text titles are towards the top of the visual hierarchy (the order in which your eye sees things on the design.) Some of the smaller text parts look to be too small also. So I suggest a rework of the typography and then resubmit it. :jack_o_lantern:


By the way, you could tag this thread “graphics” so more people see it. :blush:

Thanks a lot for replying. Obviously new to this, so I appreciate the feedback.

Here is an updated version.

I am concerned about this whole submission process. While I could understand if the file was obviously low res and quality…shouldn’t the customer be the ultimate decision on the art they want? It’s not like my submission was total junk or anything.

Its really weird that there is NO response whatsoever if the file is a hard reject… How am I supposed to know what to correct? ok, end rant.

Much appreciated!

Welcome to the Envato review process! Your sentiments are shared by thousands of people.

Not by me, I find the process works quite well. Occasionally it’s been frustrating but 95% of the time I find it works great.

The reviewers have a minimum quality standard because otherwise customers would have to wade through loads of lower quality work to find something. And there’s already a vast amount of items on the site as it is. I know it’s frustrating that they don’t have time to offer feedback in most cases, but people in the forum will help you. About your flyer, I’m still not convinced about the hierarchy of the typography. Right now “halloween for kids” is just as prominent as “it’s scary!” But for the design to work “it’s scary” has surely got to be clearly above all the smaller titles in prominence. I would do some more work on the size and weight of the text elements. :jack_o_lantern:

Martin, if u wish, i show u tons of just items just ok, too flat, or clearly not good enough to be here but they are here all the same and that’s what is disturbing some guys here. Indeed , people should not forget about the fact that some of us really far from being newbies indeed (even if some might be here … they may have a whole lot of experience otherwise) and that we can judge of either what we do and others can do too …

hi Martin, sorry indeed, but as for me , that’s a really good creation overall and much better then some which have already been accepted by the way … u are right however and some texts are difficult to read , so why isn’t it hard rejected ? a hard rejection for this , wow, i just simply can"t believe it indeed …

sorry , i also forgot to mention that this item maybe lost … when the composition is really good and the problem is that its author will not even know what he should work on so that he takes his works to the next level …

Hi @idigify ,

pretty nice work, even tho as Toivo already said it is lacking in typography and you should improve it.

Remember that you can’t use Social Media’s icons , so you must remove them.

I’d also make the footer more readable as it is barely visible because of the smoke.

Don’t give up.



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Thanks again for the help everyone. Hopefully this is a learning experience. Let me know. Sigh :disappointed:


It’s better, you’re definitely on the right track. I can’t say for sure that it would be approved, but it might be.