I still do not know what the real reason for the rejection of the project ؟؟

Hi My Friends

I have sent several graphic design files and none of them have passed their review, but I have stored other files of other graphicr members who have less quality and less creativity and have passed their review and are promoting on their page.

This project got rejected

Is the problem in the order of files ?? font ?? design ?? or what ?

Please give me solutions (I feel frustrated)


I know you’ve worked hard for this thing,


Rejections is a normal thing and you should no take it to hurt and should continue the passion and dedication.

Also, The design looks pretty basic though :wink:

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Thanks for the note … but I want to know the reason for the rejection !! is because of the order of items or design quality or there is something I have not paid attention to ?? This is very puzzling because envato does not give full details

It’s all about the typography. Just look at flyers that are approved, and then look at yours. None of your type elements particularly fit together, plus it just looks rushed and poorly thought out. The way you’ve placed SUMMER looks very strange and inept, like you just chucked it on there with no thought for the composition. None of the text communicates much either, “The Beach SUMMER” doesn’t mean anything. You should choose a hypothetical event and make your flyer around that, for example a summer beach party.

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I Accept!

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I will try to make some modifications to the design again and thank you for your note, my friend

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Thank you guys for your comments I will try to modify the design … thank you

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