I not understand why my 2 flyers rejected?

Hi to all:

I not understand why my 2 flyers rejected?

Please help me!!! thanks


Hello, what is rejection mail?

"Unfortunately your submission Poly Heart - 3 Flyers isn’t ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

Please see our Help Center for more information: …"

check this in mail : unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.

I would say that in first - typography and some not equal paddings

Second I do not like - but also paddings, spacing problem with typography.

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Many thanksssssss @WordicaThemes I understand :slight_smile:

hi, well indeed, for me it takes a much more work indeed. At this time, your composition is a bit too plain and it looks like every element has been put right next to each other, theres no transition, no logical order or whatever and this makes the whole thing look too plain and not worked out enough at this stage. In addition. I am not sure that typo are so well combined with one another indeed, as the style of both main fonts are not being this complementary in my view. I am not sure i can see clear enough but as for i see, i am also not sure about the cut of the red element in the back but one thing is for sure, this is hurting a bit the way the whole thing looks according to me. On major problem is that presents is in the same line, same size and everything that the name of the club and i think that u did not make the text dedicated to the text spring out enough if u wish … . I would also advice u to drop shadows in some places for the composition to look more realistic indeed. At this time, the flyer is lacking a bit depth according to me. U also have to try to think about giving the flyer a very personal touch so that it gets really unique, too

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