New Envato Author Hub has launched!

Hi all!

We’ve been working on a new resource site for our Author community, and we’re delighted to be able to finally share it with you.

We’ve just launched a brand new Envato Author Hub, your one-stop-shop for all of your creative needs.

What is the Envato Author Hub?

The Envato Author Hub is a new online resource that’s designed to help our Author community grow, find inspiration and connect. On the new hub, you’ll find:

  • Author guides to take you from signing up to earning more and selling with confidence
  • Improved item and customer insights, to help you discover what to create next
  • Articles from industry experts
  • Inspiring Author stories from all across our community
  • Access to key Author tools like the Author Dashboard, Forums and Help Center

You’ll find the Envato Author Hub at this new URL: Home | Author Hub

Please add it to your bookmarks, as we’ll be publishing a lot more tips and tricks over the coming months! Our team would also love to hear more about which sections you find helpful, and what you’d like us to publish more of.


Thanks to all those who’ve worked on the site so far - there’s been a lot of content to update, revise or re-write, and a lot of brand-new articles. This is just the beginning though, with lots more content on the way.

Also, a shoutout to all the authors who have items featured in the header video on the Author Hub - @2ragon, @3dreflection, @anyoenz, @AtlasComposer, dezc, diignat, doctor-graphics, @Egoroff, @FlashMovie, @G_cut, HaMa_Motions, @Handrox-G, hellomartco, @kalinichev, @keybal, @Kira_Mishura, @NAV-1, nblxer, olunstok, @patgrap, @SpaceStockFootage, @SVMD, @TheMissingPixel, @tykcartoon, vectorfusionart, @WashirvinG and @Zozulinskyi :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new Trends page - showing recently-added items that are popular with customers, and information on supply opportunities (high-volume search queries that we don’t have a lot of content for yet).


Sounds good, thank you!
The Author Dashboard doesn’t seem to work:


Same problem here…

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Nice to see another thing that doesn"t work properly…


This looks and sounds nice

Cool idea, but beign author for more than 10 years, why new hub suggested to “start selling” me? It looks like Author Hub can’t see that i am already logged in system. @BenLeong - is it bug?


I’ve had no technical problems with it so far, looks pleasant, it offers a few helpful insights on what to produce as it promises.


Judging by this site, he suggests focusing on sales trends over the past month. How productive is it? Why exactly for a month, and not for a year or six months?


Thanks for all the feedback so far! Please keep it coming, and I’ll share them with the rest of the team.

Alternatively, if you’d like to give more detailed feedback you can fill out this quick survey. The Hub team are looking for feedback on all parts of the site, and they’re particularly interested in hearing about how the Trends information is used - is it useful in the current format? What would you like to see more of?

@UiCore Sorry for the confusion - that dashboard currently only displays for authors selling on Elements (it was originally built to contain their earnings reports, as Elements doesn’t have the same author dashboard pages as Market). In the articles that link to it, we can update the text to make that clearer.

@SoundStormLabs @nurubash Good to hear! I hope it’s useful for you.

@LumenMedia Thanks! The header on the hub currently doesn’t show information specific to each viewer - we may be able to do that in future (e.g. links to the upload tools and dashboards that are specific to each author’s account), but currently it’s a universal header for all users.

@Sweet-finger The top of the Trends page just shows the last month, in order to keep the focus on new changes in customer demand. These can change quickly, so we’d like to make sure you can stay on top of big new topic areas as they emerge.

Top New Items is a good reference for the types of new items that are performing well, instead of looking at the all-time bestsellers. It shows the kinds of new breakthrough items that are being well received by customers this month.

Top Search Opportunities is a bit different - instead of the overall search volume, it’s specifically showing searches that have high customer demand and relatively few items. That helps identify the niches where a new item can fill that customer demand, instead of having your new item get lost amongst thousands of similar items.

Other timeframes are useful in different ways - for example, the Show me what to create section at the bottom of that page will show upcoming events for a three-month period. Those recommendations are informed by our customer and search data from previous years, highlighting major events that we get a lot of demand for.


Disappointed my exceptional interview wasn’t used, with accompanying inspirational photos… but happy my giant eyeball is there, gazing ominously on all who would visit the hub.


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thank you

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Is there any chance the author hub might be updated in the future? I’d like to see more in-depth feedback from browsers and customers on specialized items they couldn’t find so that authors here can produce that specialized content. For instance, if you had a data-base of key-word searches that authors could view. As an SFX producer, I see “cinematic wooshes” and that’s it, that’s really all the trend data that the author hub seems to have for me, and if everyone produces that, the market is going to get flooded with similar/generic content.

More in-depth data could however be leveraged by competing platforms and non-exclusive authors, so if I need to sign an NDA to get access to those marketing statistics, I’m fine with that.

More here: Feedback for Envato Author Hub


Thanks @SoundStormLabs - that’s excellent feedback, and I’ll add it to our list.

We do periodically run customer surveys similar to the ones you’ve described (“Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?”) on various categories - I’ll see if we can link the results of that research into the other Trends content, as it’s another way of looking at the supply gaps that exist.


Hey @BenLeong,
Do you think you can ask to add the option to see (like the drop-menu we had on the old dashboard) our previous earnings? it was so easy and clear to navigate on the old one now I feel that there is so much advanced information that I cant find anything … :slightly_frowning_face:


Is this top search data (trends) is somehow different from the one we all see in our author dashboard?

It his top search data (trends) different from what we all see in our author’s dashboard?

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thank u

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It seems to be the slider is causing an issue on our site. It’s dispensing 1170 pixels level (same as width) for the slider to show, which obviously is excessively. Kindly assist us with settling this issue. Much obliged to you!