Introducing the new Author Help Center

Today we’re announcing the launch of our new Author Help Center. A single source of information for authors across Envato’s ecosystem.

Our goal with this change is to unify our author help experience and eliminate confusion around what support articles relate to authors and those that relate to customers. We’ve also made some changes to the way our articles are structured to make it easier to find the right topic while browsing.

What’s the impact to authors?

Most links will be changing. We’ve got a new base url at and articles from the Envato Market Help Center and the Envato Elements Author Help Center have been migrated over.

We’re doing our best to clean up all the urls within the apps authors use to upload and manage items but some links may break as a result of these changes. Feel free to let us know via a support ticket or here on the forums if you find one and we’ll get an update request to our engineering team.

Many of the articles have been cleaned up and outdated content removed. Over the next few months we’ll continue to review and update existing articles and roll out new ones.

Using the new Author Help Center

It’s pretty similar to how you use the current system, only now Authors have their very own support portal.

If you’re an Envato Elements Author or an Envato Market Author, there will be a form you can use to submit a request. This form will ask you a few details about what you’re looking for help on and from there, an enquiry is opened with our dedicated Author Support team.

What’s next?

The Author Help Center will continue to evolve. We’ll be using search data and support tickets to help us better and more accurately understand what authors need help with and what articles we should be working to create or update next.

In the coming months we’ll also be launching updated content requirements across a number of marketplaces. We’ve already begun with new articles and updates in place for VideoHive authors looking to upload Premiere Pro templates.

So, have a look around, let us know what you think and what content you’d like to see on the Author Help Center in the future.

We’ll be actively monitoring this thread over the next seven days, answering any questions that haven’t yet been answered. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.



Looks nice) Thank you!
I think it would be nice to have Review Turnaround For New Items on Author Help Center main page.


Great info.

A quick note on:

Seems like there is 404 not found in 2 links (complete list and IRS website) which are redirecting to


Thanks @MSTdev we’re auditing those articles now so expect an update soon.

@SineBricks interesting idea! We’ll have a think about where to fit that into the homepage. Might not be able to embed those numbers but can at least create an easy-to-find link to that page.


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