Envato releases a new product?


I got an email recently…

Which says that envato is releasing a new product, namely Home | Author Hub

Will this replace envato-elements,

Can someone explain it?

I don’t understand what happened :pray:

Are we allowed to register while I already have an elements account

The image is below

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What is this ? Really i also wanted to know.

Hope this is good news… Let’s wait for response @BenLeong

This is advantageous for previous authors ?. This is like blog or other market place ? i have fear like this entry. Because this is any other marketplace idea like elements ? all authors must Required to register ?

The Envato Author Hub is designed to help Envato Author community grow. It contains:

  • Author Guides to take people right from sign-up through to optimising sales
  • Trends and insights for items and customer behaviour, to help you discover what to create next
  • Articles from industry experts, and Author stories from around the world

Thank you for this explanation… I feel relieved :grinning:

Thanks @mgscoder!

@modaldesain The new Author Hub isn’t another marketplace or selling platform - it’s a support hub for the author community, bringing together resources like our new Trends articles, Getting Started guides, interviews and other things to help people across all our different marketplaces and content types :slight_smile:

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Thank you @BenLeong for this reply.

Now I understand, hopefully it can be a tool to help all writers🙏

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