Introducing our new Author Help Centre request page

Hi Authors!

If you’ve submitted a support request recently, you may have noticed that we’ve changed up the request forms on the Author Help Center. The new forms have been designed to make it easier for you to ask us questions, while ensuring we get the information we need to help you in the best, and fastest way possible.

We’ve removed those annoying nested options and set up new request categories so that it’s easier for you to let us know what your question is about. We’ve also included some conditional fields that only appear when you select certain options. These changes help to ensure that your request gets to the right team and we can get started on it ASAP.

We designed this with you in mind, so if you have any suggestions on how we could make this better, please let us know!


Hi Steve! Have you considered developing online chat (Live chat)?

I feel like there would be a flood of authors asking why their item was rejected, which would back up the queue way too much.

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Hi @XioxGraphix ! Thank you for correcting me, but I asked a slightly different question to Steve. Yet no “horse or the cart”, but you already give some negative forecasts. Let’s better wait for an answer from Steve. :wink:

Hi @CleanMagicAudio, we have considered live chat, but it’s not something we currently have on our roadmap.

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Hi @YanMednis, sorry for the delay on this. I’ll get the team to follow it up today.

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Since August, I have applied for registration several times, but silence was your answer.
clarify what am I doing wrong?

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