New Cyber Friday Bundle - Download all 80 items individually?

Hello all

i just bought the new bundle as there are some quite nice files included. Unfortunately 2 things have changed since i bought my last bundle here.

  1. Can’t buy the bundle with my existing funds on my account and have to pay with CC or Paypal
  2. Every single file of these 81 has to be downloaded individually? Really? How time consuming!

i understand people prefere possibly to download only the few files they really want instead of a multi MB package, but for those who wan’t them all … phu

Thanks anyway for the great bundle, but maybe consider changing these things in the future?


Ugh, is there no way to download the whole bundle? Found this looking for a way to not have to download individually.

Yeah, not so good.
I am also wondering why I have to
a) use a separate account/profiule to purchase this, and
b) why I suddenly have to pay VAT even tho I am registered with my VAT number and normally don´t get charged VAT.

Envato, please respond before the deal is over. Thanks