Envato bundle



I want to purchase “Cyber Monday creative Bundle”. Is it possible to purchase with Envato Credit? I didnt see any option for it… Pls help me…


I too want to pay for this with Envato credit.

As much as I want the bundle why would I charge another $53.94 (Yes that is what it costs in AU Dollars) to my card when I have the credit already to purchase it?

@KingDog is this possible?


im looking for the same, but i didnt get any replays from the experts :frowning:


hi guys, i have always been wandering how to do this also , so your thread is very interesting indeed :wink: let’s wait for some answers :wink:


Currently, the payment of bundles is possible only by Credit Card or Paypal.
Check this help article.


It seems that we can’t promote Bundle :frowning: