Cyber Monday Offer EXTENDED

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Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties no one in the USA could purchase our “Creative Bundle”, which wasn’t ideal and we apologise.

To make up for this we’re extending this offer until 7pm AEDT, Saturday 5 December!

With a total value of $676, this bundle includes 80+ premium files including mock ups, add-ons, actions and more.

So, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, and tell everyone in the USA that they’ve got a bit more time to snap up this fantastic bundle.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Take a look at the Cyber Monday Creative Bundle here!

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I can’t purchase the bundle without credit card or paypal :frowning: this sucks!

Agreed, i want the bundle too but the only way I will purchase it is with money i already have on my envato account.


The thing that p***** me off the most is that I’ve already bought several bundles. Secondly, I had 40$ on credit card and 23$ with deposit credit. Now 43 on envato and not enough for purchasing bundle. >>

Dunno if this is the right forum, but since there seems to be no tech/support forum anymore, I hope to get my question answered here.

Normally I don´t pay VAT on Envato because I have a VAT/company registration.
When trying to purchase the recent Envato bundle, I suddenly have to pay VAT.
Please tell me how I can avoid this, and/or why I can´t use my regular account to pay for it.

Sadly i just saw that :frowning: Very nice bundle for a very good price! I hope there will be more bundles like that in future