Trying to get the Cyber Monday special

I got an email yesterday offering me 50% off Envato Elements for Cyber Monday. Cost is $8.25/month. According to the email, I still have over 23 hours left (there’s a countdown clock) but every time I click on the Save 50% link, the site tells me that This Sale Has Ended. Is this a website glitch? I don’t have a subscription. I bought one Photoshop Action from GraphicRiver on Envato Market but again, don’t have a subscription on Envato Elements or Envato Market (if there is such a thing on Envato Market) so I’m a new customer. I really want to subscribe for the $8.25/month. I emailed support but they said it’s a 3 day wait for a reply. Can you help me?

Hi @MindFixer,

Sorry! but you missed the time mentioned in the email:
Elements sale ends 29th November, 12pm AEDT.

Current time in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) is:
5:11 PM (mean 17:11) Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mean already 5 hours over the campaign time.


I think your company’s communications were not adjusted to reach customers in the United States, especially new potential customers. Your company reached out to me with an email that said time is running out and had a count down clock that included Hours, Minutes and Seconds. It had 23+ hours left. Why would I not trust the count down clock that your company sent me? How on earth would I know that you’re located in Australia and know that when I receive an email from your company that I have to calculate the time difference between California, USA to Australia? Shouldn’t you guys have some sort of algorithm that takes this into account when sending out deadline sensitive information? I’m at a loss for words. BTW, I can send you screenshots of the email and count down clock if needed.

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Sorry! for the confusion. Actually that clock indicate Envato Market Cyber Week 2022 campaign. In that email content was for both Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Here’s a snapshot of what I was sent. It clearly states that this is for Envato Elements. Why would I think the countdown clock was for something else? How could I possibly know that? If this is the case, your company sent me something very misleading. Please don’t think that I’m upset at you, I know it’s not your fault in any way, shape or form. I just think that Envato should do better. Back in the day, I used to tell my kid that I was a mind reader…but sadly, in reality, I’m really not.

Yes, from your screenshot look like glitch! Yes, from your screenshot look like a glitch! please wait for the support team’s reply. Hope they will give a helpful reply. Thanks

Hey! I’m in the same exact boat. Screenshots and all. I’m trying to get ahold of someone as well since I was trying to take part in that sale. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a link to which I can try and do that (email, live chat, etc.). Where would I put an inquiry about this at?

You can email support Envato Market Help and Support

FYI - without taking sides or wishing to get into the right/wrong of things it does also say at the bottom of email “Hurry! Cyber Week Sale ends November 30th, 11:59pm AEDT”

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The large colorful countdown clock at the top of the email is what caught my focus and attention (just as it was designed to do) not the super tiny condensed light faced type at the very bottom of the email which contradicts the clock. Honestly, I’m not mad or anything. I realize it was a glitch and Envato was not trying to be deceptive in any way…but who takes responsibility for a glitch?