New customer LOCKED OUT?!

I literally just created my first account on this website. I bought a theme. After buying the theme, I attempted to purchase a plugin. That’s when I realized I was locked out of my account. This has become incredibly frustrating to me. If anyone from Envato can possibly help me asap, please do.

My ticket ID is 476041.

Good luck. Same thing happened to me, and this is how the support ended, their only response. I did ask again - “why,”… but Envato doesn’t seem to be motivated to facilitate sales. I hope the authors here know this.

My ticket was #475736. If anyone from Envato does come here, please don’t bother enabling my account unless you have an explanation and a discount now.

Thanks for your reply. Their response is actually quite disturbing. Looking forward to what they’ll tell me. How long did it take for them to reply to you?

4 hours and 21 minutes. Started ticket at 11:20AM EST.

My account still remains in the system and still locked out. They seriously DO NOT WANT me to be a customer. I can understand a server screw up and someone saying “no history, I will delete your account and try again.”

I spent a hour or so going through demos of products and stuff. But Envato does not want me to be a customer. Check your social media profiles with your name you registered with. Post any non-PC stuff? I sure as hell do. I wonder if Envato is run by any social justice warriors. I am just amazed, they seriously do not want me to use they site to buy things from their authors which they take a cut of.

Strangely enough, this problem has been on Envato’s website for years and years. There are numerous forums, sites and groups that have united because of this very specific problem. If Envato hasn’t changed their ways by now, they never will.

Furthermore, I was locked out of my account seconds after making a purchase. Even if I wanted a refund, I wouldn’t be able to do so because I’ve been locked out. There’s something very surreal about this experience so far.

I just wish these was a way to contact some authors to get their code. I’d pay double what’s on the site, it would save me that much time. But - I’ll look for some other comparable site and these same authors might have similar products there as well.

I saw Envato had some account issues before (but not any groups that have come together because of it), but I figured - server stuff is server stuff. I just did not expect their support to to basically tell me to go f off. I know of a couple forums were I will be happy to spread this info so they don’t waste their time either. I feel bad for the authors here, but if they were as smart as the code they produce, they would also have a presence elsewhere.

Envato has just sent me an email stating,

“My name is Rob, thank you for taking the time to contact Envato Market Help.
I see your account is indeed locked. - Don’t worry, we’re taking a look at this for you now!
I’ve sent your ticket up to another team, i’ll have an update for you shortly.”

Wish me luck!

5 hours ago I asked “Why? What is wrong with my account?”

I’ll ask that same question if they’re unable to unlock my account.