I've been locked out of my account for days now and can't get any response to my ticket. What should I do?



About a week ago I created an envato account to buy a theme for my first real website. It looked awesome and I was really excited. I had some issues (probably because I am a beginner) so I tried to take advantage of the support that was included in the $60 price.
Found the purchase code in the confirmation email and entered the code where it was required to ask the developer a question (to confirm that I bought it). The number was not recognized. Tried a bunch of times. Tried to log into my account at envato and it says my account is locked and to contact the help team. Filed a ticket and was contacted shortly after saying that they got were forwarding it to the appropriate team then nothing. That was more than two days ago. I am getting really frustrated because the $60 was taken from my account and I can’t get the support that I paid for. Ultimately I just have a question for the creator of my theme but to ask I need the purchase code and that doesn’t work. Pretty disappointed I haven’t been able to really move my site past this point.


Hi :slight_smile:
You can try to get support from here: https://twitter.com/envato_help
i hope that help :thumbsup: