New Authors invites for Envato Elements?

I’ve heard many good authors have not been invited, (myself either).

I don’t really understand the reasons, they feature my files (there are 4 of them in the Cyber Monday campaign right now), and they sell, I’m also invited in the Behance Group and author since many years… My files shouldn’t be the problem then, what you think it is?

What’s your experience with this matter? Have you been ignored as well? Do you know if there are there going to be new invites for Graphicriver Authors for Elements any time soon

Hello @Giallo

You can fill this form for join envato elements

They will check your portfolio and reply if they will like it

Thanks :slight_smile:


hi @Giallo u were talking about me? lol i am not sure i am good but what i am sure is that i did not get invited lol as regard to what u are saying, indeed this is hard to understand what is the criteria of slection as there are a good deal of authors that are selling decently that have never been able to make it there … why? hard to identify as long as u do not have a clear idea of what people are selected on …
there maybe speculations as regard to marketability or these types of issues but let’s face it, how could it be a criteria as decent authors - i tend to believe it am part of it - may not be producing what peopel like here but sell honestly , which basically means that they are facing a buying base …

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so please do for me as well, tell me what is wrong with me , i mean apart from opening my mouth as i used to do formerly lol


Sorry i can’t do anything for you, It’s in envato elements hand, It they approve or reject your application

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no this is not what i asked … lol i said to myself maybe u could see some explanations as why i was not accepted lol

You can contact to envato element support team about your application status

please contact our Elements support team here -
Elements Help Ticket

would love to share our files there :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks Joomlastars I already did it 3 times.
I wrote to the support they gave me just an institutional reply, but I don’t understand why they choose 4 of my files for the cyber monday campaign, do you like my stuff or not?

I could understand not being invited because my stuff is not good enough, but when I look at envato Elements I think my stuff should be there, I got already 2 people asking me why I’m not there and I would like to know it as well. Since I have 40 files and 20K sales I don’t think quality is the problem, they probably just don’t want my type of products there (even if they have exactly what I sell from A to B)

@n2n44 I think they watch the ratio products/sales but as you see I’m in deep seas as you

The same problem is with me, who knows which criteria are but surely has nothing so much to do with items, there are better and worse who stand there.


I am not a GraphicRiver author but I think I was waiting for 8 months - have submit the request on start of the year and I get the approval when I was on holiday.

But to be honest, there are already a lot of items of this type - not sure when they will add more authors. But also, we don’t know the number of customers (subscribers) on Elements - if this number is growing, probably there will be more authors also. I am just guessing.

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@Giallo congratulations for your items in cyber Monday. About elements we can’t say when they will reply.

@CocoBasic @anon76595093 thanks a lot for your insights guys, looking forward for these authors experiences to understand more.

for instance the best would have been that Items are handpicked to be posted into Elements, beside inviting Authors.

There would have been space for everyone to have few of their best files there, beside only the best Authors, cutting off many best sellers products on Graphicriver.

There are authors who maybe only have 1-2 really amazing items but are not invited because the rest of their portfolio doesn’t fit

quite frankly this is hard to tell that someone is not fitting - unless they are not skilled enough - as we never know what people buying are expecting for buying … i assume they have very varying needs also depending on their customers or their acitivity … besides who is a good designer , a guy whol sells a lot?! lol well have a look at what is going on and u will see that ome very much selling ones are doing things that are far from impressive … experience could be a criteria also , in a way that would not be worst than number of sales … let’s face it nowadays sales are much of an issue of network, rythm of upload, exposure and advertising rather than pure quality …

let’s face it nowadays sales are much of an issue of network, rythm of upload, exposure and advertising rather than pure quality