New Author but tweaked Product for years (marketing question)

We were always wary of uploading stuff to themeforest ( but long time buyers ). We worked on a plugin for some years and recently we decided to envato. (to be honest to see how it would go).
It’s a advanced booking fare plugin (based on km/destinations/poi’s).

So we have allot of experience with the cab/busses/reservation/fare calculator. Based on the MVP (Minimum viable product) method we will release it on codecanyon and add features to it based on the demand and priority.

We made a choice not to create it with a theme (I hate theme lock-ins) so that everybody can add it on the theme they love.

What we would like to know is how would you guys market this in the community ? Because when I see new author’s I am always wary of buying it.

So any thoughts about promoting this (mind we are going exclusive)

hi, this is not a good way of reasoning indeed . Try to think about it, if anyone was reluctant to buy from someone because they are new, there’s a long time that no new people would be accepted in envato and that all guys would have backed down when they were willing to join. Besides, as you even mentioned on your own, sometimes, even if some guys seem to be new, they are far from being rookies indeed … by the way, as for me , when i joined here (2 years ago) i had a 10 years+ experience . Just let your buyers see what they can find in what u have to offer, no doubt that they will see that u have a good expertise in what u do …

Many of the same principals are relevant for new authors as much as highly experienced ones and at the end of the day if you create high quality files then they will sell on their own merit whoever you are.

The main thing to remember is that success on here comes from a commitment on time, effort etc. And it is not a place for quick win earnings.

Also note that what you are releasing is very niche and only a small % of buyers are going to need something like that so sales will never sky rocket like they may for something more generic - this does not have anything to do with you being a new author.