Im a new author - any tips?

Hi everyone!

I love coding up some creative stuff and hope to immortalize some of my works here (haha). I’ve read that it can be pretty difficult to get your item approved.
Are there helpful articles that I can read? I also would love to hear some stories from fellow authors on their creative process :smiley:




You can work on but you make any idea for good code sell earning more money.

Good Luck.



Hi @chase_things, welcome to Envato! :wave:

I did a little digging and found the help center category below. It’s filled with helpful articles to understand how the Envato Market works and some tips for getting your work ready for uploading.

My creative process:

When creating a new product, I like to think about what’s trending in the development world. What products are succeeding? What is the market looking for? By going off these guidelines, you can create a product that will draw attention and sales.

Also, it might be pretty smart to create a product similar to what’s out there already. For example, I’ve created a status page product that’s similar to companies like StatusPage. These listings will draw attention because its based off of a popular product and is a cheaper alternative, compared to subscribing to a monthly plan.

Extra tidbits:

When uploading your work, make sure to include some documentation. I’ve submitted some of my projects before without documentation and they usually get rejected. Just something to note. :slight_smile:

What’s next?

You get to work! I’d love to see what you build and I wish you luck when building! :+1:

Wishing you luck, fellow author!

Austin (@mylinear)


Welcome to Envato market. With respect at first you have to know the Market standard first. So, please study more on trending Items on your targetted market area (themeforest, codecanyon, graphicsriver etc). You have to take care about the unique and asthetic design, premuim features, quality coding etc. Spend some times on the market and check already approved Items (not more than 2 years old). Very good luck to your first submit at Envato Market. :+1: