This is the last draw. I am done being a Author on Envato.

Some new author purchased my template and uploaded it here on Codecanyon.
The funny part is that the codecanyon review team approved their upload.
The new author kept everything the same, listing description, name, pictures and etc.
But listed my item that I already have listed here on codecanyon for more in price.
I have contacted Envato team about this.
On top of that I see the same new author listing other projects that’s already listed on Envato.
Someone from Envato team who is also a author has responded name Maria K
She suggested that I submit a DMCA form, I done so now she giving me the run around.
On top of that my latest template upload has not been approved to sell on Envato.
Who the heck are the Reviewers???
Do they even know coding and code quality???
Today after 9 years of being an author on Envato.
I am hanging it all up.
I am done!

It will take a while to invest the situation. You need to be patient.

“You need to be patient” is a common phrase on Market :grinning:
Things like this are happening on the whole Market and every day it is falling more and more…
Most items are approved or rejected based on preview photo.

It is a standard Envato procedure.

After few days mentioned item/author should be banned.

Be patient.