New App for Partners - Market Teams - made with Envato API

Hello all,

Managing partnerships is hard, there is profits to share, keep track of sales information, taxes etc. We all have to go to this god forbidden excel tool to be able to not only know how much we made but also how much we have to share for everyone involved with the production of an item.

In the last months I have been developing a tool to help facilitate this. Its made with the Envato API, so it gets sales information, tax information and items information from your account and you can provide the app with the partners you have to share incomes with in a specific project. So if you are splitting a project 50% / 50% with another person you can give the app that information and it will give you at any time how much each of you are earning from this project.

I want to improve the app as much as possible, right now its pretty much about giving the right information about sales (with taxes reduction already!!) and displaying them in a nice way. Also you can select any date range for this so that its easy to export any sales data from any time frame.

The app URL is

Here is a video showing up how to create a project.

Please sign up, create projects there and leave me your feedback on improvements and/or new features you would like to see there

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This is awesome!!! Would you mind if edit your post title to add Market Teams at the end of it, so it’s easier for authors to search for? I’m sure this will go viral very fast! :smiley:

Sure please do! My idea right now is to provide the most accurate sales info, and provide it in a nice way…So I do need some feedback on this.

Thanks for the support! I will also pm envato to feature It on the 3rd party apps page.

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Done! Absolutely awesome job mate! @KingDog, someone deserves the awesome Industrious Inventor badge here! :smiley:

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Awesome idea! btw, I’m already using a similar service for one of my latest item.

Checkout : A tool that makes online collaboration easy for envato authors. Its still in private beta. you can send email to to get access. Shout out to @GautamThapar if you need some help. He is the maker of this project.

Cool I didn’t know about this project! I will check it out, see on where its similar and on where it differs. My idea for this is to make something highly accessible (offline, and mobile is something I am investing on a lot and trying to get working) and also notifications and maybe even a desktop app in the near future (that’s where it started but in the meanwhile decided a web app first would be better).

In terms of features, is all about good metrics, and proper support for managing payments to authors and stuff like that

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Btw @KingDog and @Enabled where is the proper channel to private message in order to promote this kind of app in ?

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We used to have Envato Extras but we haven’t found a new home for these kinds of tools yet. But we hope to have something one day :smiley:

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