Software / Tool for authors and partnerships

Hello everyone, my name is Joao, I am a front-end developer from Lisbon, Portugal. I have been developing for the web for the past 12 years and especially building, maintaining and working on themes for both Drupal and other platforms (ecommerce such as Magento and others).

Between 2013 and 2016/17 I had built several themes in Envato, I organised meetups for Envato members for the DACH region (I was living in Vienna in this period) and was an active member of the Envato community overall. After 2016/17 I stopped developing new themes and focused more on building sass products and my professional career went a little bit in other directions. I still hold a real passion for taking a design and putting it into a live product / website and Envato was a very important step to getting more proficient in that.

In around 2016 I built a tool (New App for Partners - Market Teams - made with Envato API) to support Author partnerships which I was doing a bit of at that time but eventually dropped it as I also stopped developing themes myself. At the time also the traction was not super high for this tool and the tool was totally free which also didn’t help in me keeping it alive for other authors.

The purpose of this tool was mostly to help authors calculating profit shares for their partnerships, I also see that other members eventually built similar projects like Envato Author collaboration Tool - #8 by trendydevs but also these no longer seem to exist.

I am considering picking up this project again, with a bit more broad scope (if I do see some interest in such a tool) such as :

  • Calculating shares
  • Analytics data around sales
  • Managing partnerships
  • Validating tokens (verifying sales)
  • Other utilities

So in essence a kind of toolkit for founders built with the Envato API that would be a helping tool for founders to better manage their authorship in Envato.

I am writing this post to ask for feedback and get a sense of how interesting this sounds, how are people currently managing partnerships and also what kind of tools would be helpful to Authors that are missing from Envato and that could be built with the Envato API to support authors?

Replies from Envato forum maintainers would also be highly appreciated as I am sure a lot of common requests (such as partnership tools) might miss my scanning of the forums and I could use all the help in building something truly useful.

Also if anyone wants to direct message me feel free to do it :wink: I am all ears