Need your help! Can you tell me your ideas on why my item is rejected? Appreciate your feedback!

Is the problem in mixing or in composition? Please, share your thoughts with me!

Hi, I would add progressively more instruments before the end (at 0:56 you could add high trumpets long resonance notes, a bit rhytmic at the end of measures and add more bright and energic drums (toms, taikos etc) to add new layers for the last repetition of that section, to make it sounds more fuller and intense.

Do not use sample repetition. When you repeat the same note with the same sample it sounds fake. By exemple at 1:39 you have a violin note that seems to repeat itself with the same sample at 1:43. Use many different presets in a line (by exemple: legato, expressive, vibrato, non vibrato, lyrical… etc).

Notes need to be attached in a melodic line or harmonies too or else it sounds robotic and fake. By exemple, your melodic line from 0:14 to 0:25 is really detached and akward. Try not to have a big silence between each note, just at the end of a line. If the sample is long to attack, slide the note before the time. Use MIDI CC 1, 7, 11 to adjust volume, dynamics of your notes too.

If you don’t have a lot of different presets/bowings/articulations you may check for better quality/versatile sound Libraries.

Try not too quantized too much (by exemple: the snare at 0:25 is a bit fake because of that). The hits are too similar in intensity and timbre one after each other also. You need a bit more randomness in this to make it sounds more human.

Overall, it needs to sound more organic, human, more emotional the way you program your music.

On the mix side, it sounds a bit dull (lack of definition (hi mid and treble). Your cymbals are bright enough. Your staccato strings definitely need to sound more bright, more crisp. It will make them sounds a lot more energic and letting the place in the low mid for your low brass. A lot of instruments are fighting at the same place in the spectrum (low-mid/mid). Your instruments need to have a place to peak a bit more than the other instruments in the spectrum. I generally keep the 300-500 area for the french horns, 2500-4000 hz for the trumpets (be careful not to make it sounds harsh) etc. If I have high trumpets and high strings playing at the same time, I make my strings peak a bit more around 1000-2500 hz and trumpets 2500-4000 hz. Be very subtle with that. Use more reverb (more wet signal or/ and longer tail and/or more mid/hi mid less low mid\bass frequencies in it). Start by equing your instruments before touching the frequencies balance of your reverb.

Your composition and arrangement are pretty great. It mainly has technical issues (programmation and mix).

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

Добрый день! Я думаю, необходимо поискать какие нибудь новые инструменты (можете послушать например heavyocity, spitfire audio). Это конечно дело вкуса, но как по мне, звук не совсем естественный. Можете поработать с темпом, замедления в конце фразы или небольшое ускорение для нагнетания. Ну как я уже сказал, все это дело вкуса…

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Спасибо за совет! Библы прочекаю обязательно!