Need some feedback



Before I’m thinking of submitting my work, I wanted to hear everyone’s feedback first.

Since my previous topic me and my partner worked hard and now it is ready. We add some new features (such as new layout’s widgets and etc ) and improved responsiveness issues.

Please give us some tips and feedback in order to get approved here.

Many thanks in advance



I’d put more effort into the logo… like an actual bakery or baking blog logo. it will make a better and more professional visual impact on the potential buyer, but other than that it looks top notch!


Many Thanks @DanielKeller
I like your idea.

Did you check other layouts ?


Hello @ermiya :smile:

Well i still say the color of mobile menu changes to black i think it should have same look when not collapsed.

the arrow for the submenu doesn’t feel good.

GO back to top seems to poppy.

Line height can be reduced a bit for small screen sizes and quotes can be margined a bit less.

Good Day Ahead! :blush:


Thanks for your suggestion,
I’m working on it, What are you suggest for mobile menu background color ?


Will explain you in message ! :smile:


Up… Again
Waiting to get some feedback…
Thanks for your help


Any help will truly be appreciated.


Guys… Please help


submit it and see if it gets approved… you have a good chance of getting approved imo, that’s why you don’t get a lot of feedback… chill out and submit it.

and definetely change the logo


Thanks for hope and help.
Did you check the new logo ?
We designed 3 different logo for each layout, please check them and tell me what do you think about them ?

Thanks in advance for your time and reply.


first one: I would remove the outline around the typography and the line underneath, if you feel like the contrast is bad on the white bg, make overall logo darker… but the outline looks bad

second one: fine as it is, just a bit much going on.

third one: like on the first one, same with the outline, black outline with yellow looks really cheap in my opinion… and thats not what you would want to convey with your theme… avoid outlines, I’d choose a different font too and maybe go darker for a better contrast, or use a badge like logo… which could be also an option for the sailing theme

these are just my opinions…
good luck