Need your kind help in feedback please :)

I have completed our new theme called “cuisine” - can any one please let us know, is it ready for TF or not ?

Please help me, by providing your feedback.

Many Thanks.

  1. Typography
  2. Too much blank space
  3. Many elements looks unfinished

Our PSD and HTML already approved by the way.

Any more comment?

Hi, I’d be happy to help.

  • On first glance, some elements are too small. The buttons for “shop now” and “book a table” should be larger in my opinion.
  • Similarly, the word “cuisine” I feel should be larger, or better yet grow slightly when hovering your mouse over it (in addition to the colour change you already have).
  • The telephone number and email at the top, as well as the “Welcome to our restaurant” text, is too small.
  • When hovering over a specialty, the orange colour that appears is too strong. Maybe make the colour more opaque or just closer to white.
  • The “Make a reservation” text should be styled to look more like a link. A border, or maybe an underline, would help point this out. You’ve styled the “book a table” button at the bottom in the way I’m imagining. Just do the same for the “make a reservation” text.
  • The “time of the visit” should be a timepicker.
  • What is “live music” supposed to be? Could it be turned into a dropdown menu? Simplicity is key here for the end user.
  • There’s no image for “blueberry chicken”.

Apart from that, it looks like a rather nice theme. The usage of static backgrounds when scrolling is a nice touch. Keep going!

Hope this helps,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Any more comment?

It’s not that bad but you need to improve things like typography, spacing between paragraphs, refine images and elements, add call action button more visible.