Need help with Trail Bike WP - WordPress Mountain Biking Club Theme - Author abandoded project

Hi Everyone

We bought the theme Trail Bike WP - WordPress Mountain Biking Club Theme for a client and built a whole website for them as part of a donation and sponsorship. But there are 2-3 elements on the site we are struggling with and guess what… THE AUTHOR ABANDONED THE PROJECT!

So now there’s NO support! Only option is a refund but we can’t because we already did all the work!


How long ago did you buy the item?

Did the author ever support the item? (it’s not obligatory)

What is the actual issues?

Are you using the latest version of the theme and up to date hosting?

You can probably find (hired) help at

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Hi there

Yes we had an issue with the page layout and the author helped us that one time, then we came across the other bugs and never got response from the author, so contacted Evnato and they informed me that the Author abandoned the project, and only offered a refund. But there is not time left to redo an entire website for our sponsor client.

The discription on the bottom footer need to change and the social media links are not working / unable to link the clients stuff. Basically, we simply can’t find the section where to edit it.

please see

Everything is supposed to be up to date yes

ANY HELP would be appreciated now!

Kind Regards


Stick a link on here if you want and you may get some suggestions.

If you want to change themes brige theme has a nice bike demo:

You want to edit the footer? Is it a widget? In theme options? Did you try the WordPress Customizer?

If you need a quick workaround for the styling use this plug-in:

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Hi There

Kind Regards

Footer and social icons my guess would be in ‘theme options’ (may be called something similar) somewhere in the admin menu. Otherwise maybe in Appearance > Customise (but less likely)

In case of interest:

Your installation has some serious issues @MotionIMC.
You’ll have a bit of work there, but nothing much scary.
If you need a one-page, we provide a nice script, that can be easily applied.
Just have a look:

Best regards.