Need Some Suggestion For My WP Theme

I am Creating A Wordpress Theme! I Need more Suggestions How Can I Make It Better! So Can You Tell Me Is it Themeforest Ready or not

and if not so how can i make it more better

here is the link

Airas Khan

anyone please

Site looks incomplete bro. tag cloud formatting, most fonts are white etc. Complete it 100% and then we can give feedback

Where you saw the white texts?? can you please point it in a screenshot

i cant see any white text … The White text i’ve used are on parallax images

Should I Have to change tag cloud at the footer?

Can You Please Check It Again

Hey yeah looking find now. You can improve typography, fix footer, use a different & better color scheme and submit the theme. Good luck man!

can you suggest me some ideas for “better color scheme”

and Where Are You Seeing the typography mistake

and what problem you are seeing in footer

please help me bro! Its My First WP template so thats why im acting like noob

Help Needed Bro

Anyone Else

Wanted To Give Me Suggestion

I’m just gonna upload some images
before this is solved it will never be approved


Hello! and Thankyou For Your Finding Out My Problems!

I Have Fixed Them! Can You Check again And Verify Them

I Completed The Website! On My Angle

Can You Check all Pages

Anyone Else


  • Too much animation, somehow inconsistent (slow and then really fast)
  • Typography feels outdated, does not look premium. Using serif type together, then only sans serif type together, various heading sizes, looks inconsistent
  • Spaces are inconsistent too and tight
  • Logo does not look pretty
  • Color scheme is a bit crazy, harsh colors and pastels mixing up

So much thankyou for your Suggestions!!!

Spaces are inconsistent too and tight

I Dont Understand This Line ! can you elaborate

Can you also suggest me a color scheme

I don’t see you fixin anything !!
anyway i’m just uploading images to you cus I’m not a pro, so If you noticed those images then you know what to do next

I Have Fixed Those Issue! You Should Clear The Cache and History with Coockies to see the difference


Spaces: various elements (headings, text, sections, images, …) are too close together. The design needs to “breath”. See for example: how they’re using white space to create a clean and fresh feel.

Color scheme: I can’t point a finger on it or suggest specific colours for you, but somehow the alteration of dark and light backgrounds of sections and images you’re using feels wrong and too random.

hi nice design can you send me request on s-k-p kirti.kanani2 so
i will check it and i will give you suggestion