Looking for WP Theme/Plugin to build a Bikeshop. Used X - the Theme the last years. Is there better?

Hi all,
after some years i like to completely rebuild the Wesite of my fathers Bikeshop.
He only sells locally and not online, but fot better management of the products a eCommerce theme may be a good idea.
I worked with Themeco’s “X - The Theme” for the last years and their internal support is good, also they update their Cornerstone builder on a regular basis. But the Implementation of WooCommerce is not that great on my opinion.

I just like to know, is there “new” stuff on the market, is “X” outdated by todays standarts, what are Themes and plugins that are nice and updated for a longer time?

I see lots of Videos about “Elementor” which seems to have a big community and for me looks similar to “Cornerstone”.

Also are Pages Build on and with Plugins like “Slider Revolution” recommended? I remember having new possibilities to do crazy stuff but not a good compatibility with every browser back then.

Like to hear you recommendations/answers, have a nice Weekend :slight_smile: