Looking for theme/plugins

I want to build website, and I am looking for theme and plugins which will make this possible.

I want to enter list of bikes (all bikes with their specs) and want to let users make reviews based on criteria I make.
Also I want to make frontend reviews and rating, and that users can say if they owned that bike.

Later I want to make statistics on most owned bike, bikes that are most reliable based on ratings and such.

Can you help me find themes and plugins for that?

almost certainly this is something which would require some serious custom work and building to apply all that functionality and tie it together.

There are plenty of themes which offer reviews but they are not advanced and what you are suggesting above will require a lot more back end functionality

You can probably find someone at www.studio.envato.com who could help

Thanks for the answer.

I can do almost all work by myself, I need to finish some project so I can start this one. What I was looking is if there are some similar themes, or plugins where I can see how they did it because I am certain that there’s no theme or plugin for this :slight_smile: