WP theme for a Watersport/Outdoor-center

Hey there,

i am looking for a theme for a Watersport/Outdoor-center Homepage. I already build a version with free wp stuff but its not working that well together.
I hope to get some tips if one of the top sellers like avada/x-theme is the best solution or if i should buy something cheaper and get the plugins separately?

what it should have/can do:

  • responsive
  • getting updated in the future
  • support
  • booking/paying
  • event implementation
  • shop
  • tables (for creative price listing)
  • “meet the team” layout
  • gallery
  • Layout to present the services we offer in a appealing way :wink:

hope you can help me with a suggestion or tips how to filter better in this themeJUNGLE

best regards

Hello David,

Good day

Actually I have seen this theme

Just check it they sale it with 70$

If you want in very shipest price just contact me


Hey Ramy,

thanks for your proposal but this theme is missing to many of the features i was looking for.