Looking for a partner for a Cycling Club website


I am working on a Wordpress multisite as a SaaS for Cycling Clubs.

The design and programming for a WordPress theme specific for cycling clubs is the main job for this project. Some function are needed such as club membership management, Cycling events listing, Cycling calendar, Strava plugin(for Strava id login, personal data and club data), Gallery for events, and some design for Page and Blog.

This theme will help cycling clubs to make their own official websites, and some tools to manager a cycling club and show the events and cycling log data.

It is a paid service for Cycling clubs, annual year fee is around $200 - $300.

It is a partnership for this project, which I will not pay you first and after this website is available, when we have customers, you will get a share from each service from cycling clubs.

A similar website offer this kind of service, www.cyclingclubsoftware.com

If you are a good programmer, loving cycling and understand what kind of design and functions are needed for cycling club, please contact me.

Gao Feng

I may be interested in but not for partnership (fixed price job)
You can contact me via the link below, in case of interest:

how much is your price for the exact same functions like cyclingclubsoftware.com

the design is just normal like a cooperate theme, all the functions on ccsw can be found on the curent market.



Please, use the contact form from the link above to discuss the details