need help to find best suitable theam for my project


i looking if someone can help me find suitable wordpress theam for me
where service provider can give online opinion and consultancy and clients can pay them directly by credit card.
with online chat facility so lawyers and doctors can chat with there customer as well

You won’t find that out of the box with that functionality and if handling medical or legal info then you need to consider potentially pricey set up, hosting and functionality beyond typical or stock WP solutions

thanks charlie

its mean i wont find any ready theam ?

Not with that exact functionality.

It would be easy to create forms where people could ask questions and providers could reply but that sounds like it is too simple? You want it to be more interactive right?

Personally, I would take a general theme, use a membership plugin to manage users then invest in decent third-party chat functionality (can’t stress the importance of this if you are handing peoples’ legal or medical data)

i want something like this

You definitely will not find much close to that as a stick theme.

It would be easily tens of thousands of $ to build something like that - it’s as much of a service provider directory as an advice portal and there is a ton of functionality way beyond just offering advice.

yes are u right , its full advice portal

I am afraid you will not get this from a stock market and honestly it would be quite irresponsible to try and deliver something like that using a template esp. if you are going to end up replying on the author to support or update it (there is a LOT which could break or need evolving)

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