Wordpress Client Portal Theme


I have a client looking to build a customer portal site that includes project management, document sharing and per client communication. Each client will have their own login and onlyrics have access to documents pertaining to their project. There will be multiple projects managers accessing the site as well. I’m looking for something with all the bells and whistles that has great support and will allow me to offer my client more than they’re asking for. All theme and plugin recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Do you really think that you will find out of box solutions with such specifications?

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Google it - there are hundreds of project management apps and software which

A) doesn’t need to be hugely expensive

B) will be built for purpose and therefore be less bloated

C) will offer features far above and beyond the basics listed above

D) doesn’t rely on third party developer support which is irresponsible and, depending where you are operating from, would open all sorts of data privacy questions

E) will help address the huge data, hosting and security considerations which are not been mentioned above

The goal, gentleman, was to get suggestions on where to look, not solutions. That’s kinda how the whole asking question things works, or at least I thought so. @charlie4282, thanks for the effort. @Zaccc, thanks for nothing.

No problem any time. You can look on Google.