Please help me find a loan application theme...

I may be missing something somewhere but I’m just after a nice theme for a loan application site. You know the sort of thing, clean attractive landing page which has a few fields to fill in and then you move on through a couple of other pages with the remaining fields required.

I cannot find a single one!

Any help/guidance would be really appreciated :sunglasses:


Still no luck!
If any designers can do me a nice functional, responsive, non WP site I’d be interested.

Have a look under ‘insurance’ (can’t link in forums to individual files but there is a theme with that as the name).

You could probably use one of these and just tweak the fields on the form to include any others which were needed for a loan. Without knowing exactly the fields and info needed it is hard to really advise.

Be aware if you are talking about capturing people’s personal and financial info especially beyond the basics then you need to be absolutely certain of security on the theme and your hosting.

Thanks Charlie, appreciated :sunglasses: