i am looking for theme as this site



i am looking for theme as this site italki.com/ for booking time with teachers and reveiw teachers ,



It’s possible they’re using a theme - so you can try one of these methods to find out if it’s WordPress. If it is a theme you can simply purchase the same one :slight_smile:

Otherwise, have a look at the Themeforest Education WordPress Themes section. A theme like WPLMS or Eduma might be a good fit, but there are 200+ other themes in that category that you checkout.


Thank you for mentioning our themes, @WPExplorer :heart:


please i checked that category but i did´t find as italki.com, because it’s not WPLMS

I´m still searching after answer



Hmmm - you might be able to use the Medican theme:

It think it’s pretty similar to what you want, but I would suggest reaching out to the developer @azexo just to be sure