Seeking starter free stuff buddypress theme and plugins for noobster

Hey guys,

Sure you have heard this before but once gain you have another wordpress noob here :slightly_smiling: who is once again seeking guidance for his idea and from experienced professionals ect ect.

I have been doing some research and wow this is a hectic dynamic HUGE industry with sooooo much its abit overwhelming to state the truth… So I am here to seek advice and a way forward for this idea of mine…

So like always I am broke (and a noob at programming ect ect) so ideally the first prize would be to employ someone to do this stuff for me but that is simply not an option… soz guys :frowning:

What I am seeking advice with is related to theme and plugin selection and setup in the easiest way possible, (obviously the cheaper \free option is always a winner…)

All I require is a membership site where a select group of companies can be paid members to a site and interact with each other privately on internal forums (so I surmise a buddpress setup would be best in this regard)… Then these companies can edit their own pages ect ect and browse each others pages collecting contact details…(ideally I would like companies to be grouped by type as well).

Besides that on top of that all on the front page I would simply like the public to be able to fill in a form which will be emailed off to the registered companies for requests for quotation from the registered companies… Ideally this form will also have a customisable map associated with it (which the client can modify) illustrating where the client would like these services to be delivered to.

Annnnyway I am after a simple theme which is easy to modify without coding :open_mouth:…anyway I am just trying to shortcut mountains of research by asking you guys directly even if this is possible given my level of noobness.

Ye any advice will do and ideas will do…Its just a conceptual idea and ye I hope i have placed this in the correct topic ect ect (if not I apologise in advance).

Thanks in advance, oh ya and here is some free cookies :cookie: :cookie::cookie::cookie:

The best advice on something like this is that cutting corners and taking cheap options is a risky idea - especially when you are planning on charging people membership.

Beyond that if you are planning on “charging people to use the site” e.g paid membership or subscriptions then you need an extended license of any theme being used from here.

This means thousands of $ NOT $59. With that in mind you would probably be better using that kind of fee to investigate getting help from a freelance developer to create/set it up.