Need help to figure out Hard Rejection

Hey guys. I need your help. So basically, I wanted to make an AE template with 4 title openers in the lo-fi 80’s animation style. I got hard rejected by Envato and can’t figure out what I did wrong. Is it the unattractive lo-fi/vhs look? Theme itself? What do you guys think?

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Problem is that overall quality and design are far from logos and titles on Videohive nowadays. Best advice in my opinion, try to watch other titles and logos already approved from other authors, no matter 80’s style or not.
Good luck! :+1:


Thanks. Yeah, I think I kind of overdid the lo-fi part of the templates because I don’t like those ‘fake’ vhs animations that look cheap and crisp and VideoHive is full of those. From now on, I’m gonna think more of selling the product to the masses than doing some artsy-farts stuff than no one will ever think of buying. :slight_smile:

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I actually think these are great. They look like legit old cartoon title intros. The only problem I see is the water drops text, it looks like default text from Windows Movie Maker. The others have fancy effects, but that one doesn’t. The low frame rate really helps sell the effect.

I honestly can’t see why these would be hard rejected.


Yeah, I don’t know. I got a lot of rejections lately. Maybe I’m on Envato’s blacklist or something. :slight_smile:

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Another day, another rejection. :smiley:
I mean… I guess I like to exaggerate in staying true to original look. Envato curators don’t appreciate that. Well… time to do some boring new retro wave stuff if I want to earn a buck or two. :slight_smile:

This is honestly the first time I’ve been genuinely dumbfounded that they rejected an item.
This title opener is great! I understand it doesn’t fit modern standards, but that’s the point, and it looks sick!


I’m telling you, man. Envato has me on it’s blacklist. :)) Thank you for your support.

To be honest, I do not agree with @XioxGraphix
There is only one small sting. Try to make a lot of different options (what would it be a pack).
The word is too big. The composition doesn’t have enough empty spaces on the sides.
The animation is too simple and not impressive.
I advise you to compare your product with successful products on the market, and then you will understand that you need to improve in order to be approved in the market.
Good luck;)


Aren’t the vast majority of logo stings on VideoHive just one version?

The main difference between his stuff and the ones on VideoHive are that his look authentic, while the ones on VideoHive look like modernized representations.


One version is not the main reason. I think the main reason is that this logo opener is very simple and does not bring anything new or original to the market.

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Usually I’d agree, but in this case I don’t.

Regardless, it is what it is. @Tredigit I hope things go better for whatever you make next!

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I was not going for the complexity of composition since, if you ever watched old movies and openers - especially european ones, I wanted to stay true to the original period of my theme (70’s and 80’s). The project itself is pretty complex with it’s options to moderate and edit the whole composition, I thought that was enough. What I suspect is that Envato curator’s reason for rejection was based only on the preview video, without ever opening the project itself.

Yet another day, yet another rejection. :)))

Actually, your previous works i liked but not this. Because in here there is some things which looks not-80s. for example the transition from top to down like “roughen edges(?)”.
Then the font of “take the red pill boy”. But with little fixes i think it can be accept.

And your “Valhalla” project i liked, i think if you improve it it can be approved. Good luck!

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Yeah, I kinda combined 80’s and early 90’s design. It was a big mistake. :slight_smile:
Thanks and cheers!

Keep rejecting me Envato bots. Someday my time will come. I present to you - my newest rejection:

Try animating the camera with some smooth spinning motion or something like that in 3D space. I think that will improve your chances.


Actually I’m sending my rejected projects to other sites. And soon plan to make a web page where I will upload all those projects for free download. To help the people out. :slight_smile:

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