Need Help to build my own Classifieds website

Hi All,

I would like to seek assistance to build my own classifieds website. something similar to Dubizzle. I have registered my own domain name, I found an HTML template theme on the market but I need someone to help me with the whole project as I have no experience building websites.

Best Regards,

Yusuf Ibrahim

It’s HTML that you have chosen and not WP?

Any classified site is a relatviely time consuming type of project but if you need to adapt a HTML template to add dynamic or managed content then that’s a whole lot more.

Is it paid for help you are after or just free support from someone?

You should be aware that classifieds tend to require a lot of on going management and updating - so there’s likely to be a very steep learning curve involved

Hello Yousuf,

If you want I can convert that HTML into WordPress. That will help you to make site.
You can contact me.