Creating a classifieds website


I’m new here, so first I’d like to say hi!

I want to create my own car classidied website, something like AutoTrader where you can post ads for cars only.

I was looking at the templates and I believe Classify is the best

I have a couple of doubts though:

-It says it costs $17 and $850 respectively, is this dollars? I’m in Mexico so maybe it’s mexican pesos?
-Do you think classify would work for my project or is there something a bit more specific?

I have basic HTML and CSS understanding so I can edit the template to my liking.

Thanks in advance!

hi, no indeed all prices are expressed in US dollars , u don’t have any other currency being displayed anywhere , it is all in dollars , whether u pay for an item or u get paid for selling or whatever, only US currency is being used in envato marketplaces …

as for us this is difficult to get to determine what your project is all about as we do not have any idea of the details of it … i guess the best way to do is just to contact the author of the theme and get to check with them what u need and if all is possible with the concerned theme and , if not, how much would it cost to have it added …

in any event , guys in TF have a duty to help u deal with their theme if u have some problems with a theme u bought and unless u ask something really too huge, they will be doing their best to provide u with the help u required …

It costs $17US wherever you are based.

While authors are expected to help you use the file they are not expected to customise it or help you build the site itself.

I can see some issues you are going to have maybe given that this site has no dynamic or backend management.

  • This means you will have to manually update the listings page every time you add a car
  • You will have to add individual listing pages manually one by one each time
  • The search functionality probably will do very little without dynamic content

There is a WP version you could use that will help overcome some of these issues (but there is still a fair bit of work to do to make something that is a template operate a swell as a custom website). This is $59 but if you plan to charge people to list their cars on the site or you plan to earn commission on sales etc. i.e. for anyone to ‘pay to use the site’ then you need the extended license which is $2950