Classified Ads

Hi there,

I am looking for a classified ads option to add to my already existing website I can add a HTML code to the website but not a plugin. I use to create my websites and have already added a HTML code from an outside programme I use on another website so I need to be able to manage the ads from an outside source that would automatically update the HTML code added to my website Hertfordshire Now.

I hope this make sense? I am not a website designer so this is all very new to me so please bare with me.


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First, you need to find another hosting service, change your DNS, install WordPress (Suggested) and purchase a theme ad install for it. It may take some time but I believe starting to not to use WIX could be a start

As far as I know, you cannot modify the codes at the website hosted on WIX.
I could also provide “paid” support, if you’re interested in. Just let me know to discuss the details

Thank you for getting back to me. I have to say I am completely baffled? I don’t really want to move from as I have just learned how to use correctly… I do know that wix allow you to add HTML code so Im sure there should be a programme out there that can support this? By changing sites I would have to spend more money then needed and at this time I am not in a position to. I merely want to buy a licence? Im sure I saw on this site that licences for specific apps could be bought as a one off payment and installed via HTML onto a platform (wix for example) also I am unsure what you mean about paid support? Please clarify?


This is not the correct place that you should ask for (also to get) some support. You cannot install any ThemeForest themes to WIX so better to contact their support. You’re looking for the help not the correct place

Hi, have you found any more answers to adding html to your site for classifieds?
I used to use bravenet but their phasing out their script. I’m looking now so I’ll get back to you when know more or feel free to keep in touch.