Need help confirming my INOVADO account

Hi there, i have the same problem with INOVADO theme as this person here:

this theme was purchased before my time and i don’t have access to the account that was used to purchase this theme, therefore i don;t have the access to the license number/ purchase code for the theme. could anyone help me open this thread?

alternatively, if you know why i can’t save my theme options, i would be very grateful to find out too.

many thanks in advance.

That could be any number of things such as plugin conflicts, the theme may not be up to date etc

Without access to the buyer account which purchased the theme then you will not be able to access support and more importantly the latest version of the theme

If you plan to continue to use that theme then it might be worth purchasing a new license so that you have proper control

Thank you for your reply Charlie. I am really sorry the system works as you say, as i feel that it forces people to purchase updated versions, even if their requirements didn’t change, just to be able to continue to have access to information on the product they once purchased. If i have to purchase another license, why would i go with a product that will discontinue my access to product information after a while. Pure highway robbery if you ask me. Sorry to be so blunt.

But you didn’t purchase it already?

There is no restriction on lifetime updates on items that someone buys (that’s quite unusual from many marketplaces)

If envato gave ongoing support or updates to anyone who has access to a theme, even without any evidence of the original purchase - then this would cripple authors and the marketplace as people just start sharing one copy.

I hear you but i don’t understand why is license not a file in my root or embedded as README file so that it lives with the product rather than the marketplace? Does that makes sense? This way, the party who paid for the product doesn’t have the license, the purchaser who purchased the product has it, and they are often not the same party.

That is just bad management by the person who set the site up who should have had you buy it or at least taken the steps made available by Envato to help prevent this problem.

They could easily have given you the purchase code or setup auto-updates etc. Envato created their plugin for exactly this purpose as transferring download and core licensing would not be possible.

I can understand your frustration but just wanted to clarify that Envato do what they can to prevent his being an issue.

Thank you again for you response. Could you help me from here please - I normally would get my themes through my wordpress admin panel. How do i get the new inovado without repeating the mistakes of my predecessors? Do i have to upload the theme to my root or could i get it through my wordpress admin CP? Also, what is the new theme version number, i only see that it says v. 4.6 here:
My current version is 4.6.5.
Many thanks in advance.