How to get updates when you don't have access to the buying account ?


I work for a NGO and a theme was bought in 2019 buy the former webmaster. Before leaving (a year ago), he gave me the purchase code and all the documents he got but, at that time, we didn’t think of the account he used because I’m used to theme that you get update notification directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Two weeks ago, it stroke me that the theme hasn’t been updated since the first time I updated it when I took over the previous webmaster. So, I contacted the author 10 days ago to ask if there was a way to receive the updates or at least the last version so there’s no vulnerability problems. And they say is:
"Currently X is still working fine, so you don’t need to worry. " → so, since the theme is still working, I don’t need to update but if it was the case, I whould contact the support (which we don’t have anymore since it’s been +6months).
But after that, they say “If your support has expired, buy a new support package if you need it. Because according to the principles of Themeforest, when your support expires, you have to buy a new support package. that’s the working principle of Themeforest.” Which, I totally agree with, it’s in the terms & conditions but I shouldn’t get in any trouble if I could keep up with the “good” versions.

All of this to say: is there a way, I can get the updated theme? Because, it’s also in a terms & conditions that we should get lifetime updates… Because, I get that the account thing is important but I can’t get access to it and we have a valid key. They succeeded in finding our website and acknowledge that we are not fraud.

Unfortunately you will not be able to work around this because despite having the purchase code, the license is not with you - only the purchasing account.

It’s not especially responsible of the original developer to not have the business buy the theme but the only solution is likely to be to buy your own license/copy to unlock new support and updates that way.

Otherwise (maybe) the original developer could setup the envato plugin and auto updates that way by creating a token from their profile and using the purchase code to authenticate it.

You still wouldn’t be able to download the files but in theory you could update the theme directly from the WP admin

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Hello, thank you for your quick answer.

Well, I do have a licence that is named at our NGO and not the first webmaster. But I understand what you’re saying! I agree that he should have used a generic account for the purchase but well…

Thanks for your alternative solution, I’ll try to see if he can set this up because I don’t want to buy another licence since we don’t need the support. At the very best, we’d buy another theme.

Thanks again!