where i can even find the purchase info to be able to log into the support

I have recently come to manage https://www.miragedivers.club/ which has the Kreativa theme from @imaginem. We had a previous we developer and I am unsure if our license is still up to date or where i can even find the purchase info to be able to log into the support. Please help me, as of now i cant update the site at all with the Page Builder plugin.

Hi @aloofnerd,

Hope the item has purchased using your own account then you can check this article:


Unfortunately, I believe it was purchased by the previous web developer. So im unsure as to what to do next, as i updated the plugins on the site and it basically crashed.

If the item was not purchased from your account then you will not be able to update the plugin and will not be able to get technical query from the author of the item (because item purchase code only accessible from the original purchaser account). In this case if you like to make your end product (website) up-to-date and work smoothly then the best option will be purchase a license of the item from your own account. If you have any query about the item before purchase the license then you can ask directly to the author of the item by posting comment of the Item Comments page.


Could you check with the other developer to get the purchase code.

You will need access to the account the theme was purchased from Themeforest to update.

If you don’t get the purchase code then i’m afraid it will require purchasing the theme.

Here’s how to get the purchase code

Let me know if you require any information.