RRR so frustrating

So I inherited a website made by another agency who is now not responding to us. They used a theme from Envato and I’m trying to get some support with it…but I don’t have the purchase code so I can’t contact the developer.

And the only way I can reach Envato (that I can see) is via this forum.

Can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with Envato directly OR the vendor if I don’t have a purchase code for this license??

Buy your own copy of the theme and license which will give you access to support, updates etc. (Assuming the author does support the item)


Hey Tracy,

Sorry about your frustrations. What you describe is one of the main reasons I always had my clients purchase themes under their won accounts. You can certainly contact the Envato Help and Support, but you may have to purchase the theme again as an ultimate solution.



Re-purchasing the theme may not provide what you need ( read the support terms and conditions first ) - especially if you need a custom work but I could help you on this if this is your case

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