need feedback

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
could anyone please take a look and review my theme for mistakes that i have made to avoid it next time and tips to improve my theme if there, and thanks in advance :heart:

Theme URL :

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You need to be very sure you have made significant changes…

simply swapping the name of a previously hard rejected item is not going to be enough and could easily end on the reviewer suspending the account

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I made significant changes, I am sure

I Change Portfolio section, about and delete some colors skins , and change the animation on scroll

take a look on old theme here :

but i need your feedback , thnks :heart:

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I am not a reviewer but I do not think these changes are nearly enough.

Things like the colour skins and animations are pretty much irrelevant

You’ve actually removed some of the better features like the IG feed

The only differences I can see is

  • The direction of the about us (not classed as a proper change)
  • Different services layout (the original was better)
  • Different portfolio layout ( you should be offering multiple options of these anyhow)

Thank u very much, i will keep your feedback in my mind

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Why text in the header menu disappears on the hover?
Why title and thumbnail are not linked in Latest news section?
Why in contact section there are two same phone numbers and two same emails? (also it is exAmple not exEmple).
Portfolio Detiels
Logo is extremely amateurish (it is not even retina).
Typography is mediocre.
Some of the menu items do not work when on some other page than home page.

It took me less than five minutes to put together this list and I didn’t even try to be too thorough.
So maybe try to make sure to perfect your own items before calling out other items.

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Thank u very much bro you help me very much , i will keep your feedback in my mind :heart: :heart: :heart:
calling out other item was a mistake, really I am sorry about that

My greetings :heart:

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Do you have tips and resources for a better typography ?
and thanks in advance :heart:

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Really thank you bro, I was only hoping that it would take you more than five minutes to know
my mistakes, that would have helped me a lot, but that is very enough, and thank you again :heart: :heart:

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