Need Feedback

My Mockup item just got rejected with copy+paste reason…. Who knows, please give a more detailed rejection due to refusal.
Here are preview jpeg (click on it to see it in full size) and link to one of the psd files of products I intended to sell. Just open it and play with it.
I tried hard to make it fully editable, customizable and realistic. Can you tell what the problem and give some advice?

hi for me you hurt yourself with using some inappropriate previews indeed … the kind of color combination like violet, green and brown is just disharmonious if u ask me , which is too bad as the elements look rather good otherwise. I would recommend to make text go much more punchy and to contrast with the BG as, as of now, u are violating a basic design principle (contrast) and there is almost no readability at all … pls keep in mind that u are supposed to offer as final a result as possible … so this means that u either change the color of the text or more cautiously select the color for pots … I think that the many variations should integrate mote background possibilities too …

Thank you a lot for your reply! It is very important to me to hear your opinion.
Regarding the comment about as final result as possible want to say that mockups a priory aren’t final products, as they are supposed to be edited by customers to their own needs. And this product gives costumers possibillity to make it easy, just in few clicks. So by using minimalistic text instead of a punchy label inside the mockup , I wanted not to distract customers from jar basic they are going to use.
The colors are also customizable just in one click and this product offers unlimited color variations. However, I like bright and contrast color combinations, I will look over the colors I use in my preview, thanks!

i know but u have to identify that this is important for the previews … not u are free not to touch anything …

I see your point. Thanks again for the advice!

also keep in mind that all details matter , they want u to deliver as finished a product as possible … if u feel like i gave u clue enough to get to know how to rework u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: