Packaging design rejected

Hello, I’m new and my first packaging design has been rejected. Please, someone could tell me why I don’t meet the required quality standards. I am not allowed to re-submit this item either. Thank you for help me.

Hi, I’m never tried to sell package mock-ups, but I worked graphic designer earlier. I don’t know is it was the reason of reject, but it looks like some problems with the shadows. Maybe something else, maybe mock-up creators will tell you more.

Thanks for the advice. The rejected article is a graphic design, not a mock-up. For another account I made several mock-ups and they always accepted them. I don’t understand what happened to this one.
Thanks again.

hi as for me i just see a combination of small issues that may combined with each other may lead the person in charge to reject it (though the product is still good if u ask me …).

1- alignment
u have some bullets not the same size and placed and aligned differently …

2- contrast
u are violating a basic design principles and indeed some texts are not super readable and do not pop out enough from the background , which is even more a problem when this is a rather important information see under the grey bullet, there is a blue one and the text inside in white is definitely not readable …

3- hierarchy
the n2 is leading to this … your hierarchy of informati0on is not as solid as it should be because important item are not being valued enough because of the choosing of the color, the disposition or space available to put an element, too (cf see the logo … this is the brand , one top issue and this is almost invisible)

4-text disposition
some of your texts are definitely too close from the edges … this is decreasing the aesthetic of what u have done and gives people the feeling of texts “choking” instead of “breathing”

Hi, thank you for your comments. It’s a packaging that was made and marketed by a customer who discontinued it and worked perfect in the market for several years.
I take everything that you recommend to me equally for future works.
Thanks again!

i understand but as i mentioned, despite i like what u have done , let’s face it, no design is absolutely perfect … not mention that some things that turn to work well are not good for that matter … so this cannot be taken for granted that something is good since this is working …

Thank you so much again.