Need feedback on my new personal blog -HTML



Hi all,

I have created a new minimalist personal blog. I wanted to keep it simple and also use a different menu access that flow better than the other concepts that I have previously shown. Any comments are welcome. I plan to go ahead and send it to TF tomorrow so wanted to get some extra eyes on the concept…





everything looks cool except for legibility of letters, maybe the overlay over photos need to be more dark, also personally I would underline the categories.
Looks great


Thanks as always for your input… You helped me a lot with my 1st submital… I tend to agree I think that I will darken it up a little and also put a strike through on the menu categories… I have thought of doing that since I changed the menu back when Charlie and yourself made some additional suggestions…

Thanks for the suggestions! I also have another template in the works that I want to show you soon…




In my opinion problems are :

  • missing a hover and overlay
  • typography (too much, too busy)
  • I do not like symmetry with rectangles (uses a Isotope : )
  • responsive ( isotope solve this)
  • preloader … is not ok
    Good Luck !



Thanks for the information… The preloader will not go with the theme… Also it is responsive…