Work in progress - Feedback


Hi all… I have been working on a new blog system (actually 3 of them) and wanted to get some feedback on the concept. I received some wonderful feedback on an older concept and have changed it accordingly. Please take a look and tell me what could be better… I am doing some additional work to it that I will release in a couple of days, but would like to get all the eyes that I can to take a look at it as the prior one got rejected but with this comment

“While this is a unique idea and a great start - the execution needs a
bit more work. Focus on improving the overall quality - make sure all
text is easily readable and make sure that the animations add to the
interface/interaction rather than feel like they slow it down/get in the
way. After improving the overall quality of this item I’ll be happy to
take another look.”

this was the old site url:

So I have changed it accordingly and am planning additional changes in a newly revised project… nonetheless just wanted to get any constructive feedback…


Demo link:


Looks good! Only thing that bothers me is the left hand content - it’s not very obvious that’s a scrolling section, only if I rolled the mouse wheel over that section I would know. So I think maybe have a custom scoll bar or maybe an icon indicating scroll accessible content - otherwise you risk having some users missing the content altogether. Also personally I would put the scrolling content down the right hand side.


looks weird on full HD monitor, pls check


Thanks for the comments and recommendation! I do plan on adding some type of indicator on the site so that the person is aware to scroll down. The objective behind the concept is to start and look at blogs a different way and with different transitions. I appreciate the feedback!


David L.