Need feedback on a template kit for an Academy

Hey there! I need your precious feedback regarding a template kit I have designed. This will be the third one as the previous two have been rejected by Envato. The link is DSGN Edu Template Kit. Please guide me accordingly about what I need to add. Any functionalities I can add etc?

With respect the design itself is very outdated and needs a lot of work in terms of typography, hierarchy, spacing, modernisation etc

Needs more features and functionality or premium elements

Also major lack of critical pages eg you have course previews but no course detail pages

You have calls to action to get started etc but no registration page or next steps

There’s several aspects the three work on mobile esp the context pages which are broken in several places

Could you please show me the parts where its broken in case its not showing up as a bug on my end?
Also could you please suggest some premium features that I may add to this.

Contact page banners are broken and still needs an upgrade in design and pages