Guys any advices for this item?

I’ve got reject and I want to share with you my item to get some advices,
Thank you guys

Please check your URL.

It works.

It didn’t work before.

Anyway, the design is very amateurish. Poor color scheme, weak typography, generic design, extremely amateurish logo, header menu doesn’t do anything, footer social icons not working, the image gallery under services is absolutely pointless etc. This is not even a free template level of quality.

You need some good months (or years) studying and practicing the web design before you try to submit something here. Your skills are currently far from what’s required for this (or any other) marketplace.

Some useful links for:


Your project is far from being accepted in this market, you have to continue learning and become familiar with the quality of products that are required here

I wish you the best


Thank you for your advices I got it also thanks for tuts links

Thanks for your wishes I’m gonna improve my skills more it was something great to know my design level and get some good advices from people with high experience
Thank you so much for your replay

Sorry but it is all sorts of wrong

  • The basics of design e.g. typography, alignment, hierarchy, spacing and margins are all way off

  • The navigation doesn’t work

  • It’s a bit of a mess on mobile

  • Several images are pixelated

Thank you Charlie4282
I’m going to work more about these things.