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Hi everybody. I read topics on the forum about the approval of templates by moderators, I understand that it will be difficult. I would like to try to place the template on envato, but I have no idea how much this corresponds to the requirement. I’ll leave here a very very crude template. I need an understanding whether I can continue to work further or start something else. What do you say ???

Thanks !!!


Github files

It’s impossible to give valid feedback because this is so far from finished - page links broken / generic content etc.

The design already looks very outdated and basic but again it’s impossible to judge fully without a more complete product

Hey @MarkupArts, welcome!

I agree with Charlie, it’s hard to judge the design as it’s unfinished, HOWEVER, in my personal opinion you should steer away from doing corporate and generic business themes, there are already quite a lot of those, making it pretty difficult to stand out unless you bring something truly unique to the table, which is understandably also very difficult.

I always recommend trying something that’s a bit more specific or niche-driven. It will allow you to get more creative with it and make something that’s more unique and interesting.

What interests you? Do you like stock images of business men shaking hands? Or do you like racecars and explosions :red_car: :fireworks: :fire:?

My son has been really into dinosaurs lately, and it’s been reigniting my interest as well. Something that I’ve thought of doing myself has been to make a web template based around dinosaurs. Maybe it’s an education site with dino/fossile icons, bold colours, playful button animations, and some fun and interactive ways to show information about the dinosaurs themselves. If that sounds interesting to you, give it a try!


Thank you so much XioxGraphix!
At the initial stage, the correct recommendations from professionals are very important. The market is so big that you don’t know where to start … I like everything)
So thanks again for your time and idea !!!

charlie4282 Thank you so much!
I agree that the template is outdated … I wanted to try myself in it. But now I understand that this is a waste of time … I will look for ideas further.

My kid is also obsessed with Dinosaurs! Have you done the Google 3D thing with your son?

I’m not sure what you have in mind for your finished product. I’m a buyer, not a template creator. Here are some of the things I look for… If it’s going to be an HTML5 template then it should be created in bootstrap, which makes responsive templates easier to change. I like templates that include a lot of icons, for example, they have files that link to all of the font awesome icons on the site itself. I can then pick and choose what icons to use and reduce the file size by eliminating the ones I don’t need. I think more templates are needed for specific services. Examples, dentists, doctors, lawyers, and other service-based businesses. If you want to catch the eye of the buyer, use one or more really nice hero images at the top of the page. You can find free ones on a variety of websites. Good luck!!

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Nice! I have not, I’m not even sure what you’re talking about haha.

On a smartphone - search ‘T.rex’ then tap ‘view in 3D’ and it launches a sort of 3D VR

There’s several dinos as well as sharks, pandas etc

Keeps kids (and adults) busy for ages!

It can take a little fidgeting to make it work and you may need to move your phone around a bit to trigger it but worth it.

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@charlie4282 Thank you for sharing, I tried it and I was really surprised. Really enjoyed :t_rex::sauropod: