Need Feedback for Hard Rejection

Thanks in advance friends!

In Mixing :point_right: The Battery seems to be too loud!
The instruments are hidden …

In Samples :point_right: Try improving your samples …
The sound is looking like 8 bits, something like …
Choose other quality instruments

:spy: Watch out for excessive cell repetition …
They are exhausting to hear :ear:

Thanks for the answer.

Maybe you’re right about this

Samples are the same used in other accepter tracks, maybe loud drums give this impression, piano is a normal Grand Piano used a lot of times.

I don’t think it’s a so much repetitive track, my friends weren’t exhausted listening to it lol

Anyway I’ve adjusted instruments volume, it seems I can hear them all well now.
This is the “improved” version:
Any other advice?? Thanks!

I think its just because of drum samples. They have kinda lo-fi and flat sound. Like those synths for kids from Casio, you know:) Thats the only thing that caught my ear. And i think your first version is better (more balanced). I would change the drums only, personally.

Thanks for the feedback! Ableton’s drum kits must be the problem than :smirk:

In my experiment. All stock sound is not excellent but good. We can make them better through mixing and mastering stage.


Hi @LongXmusic,
I only started now using Ableton, before with Cubase and its stock samples and plugins I’ve never had problems.

Anyway @LongXmusic @Phreaspirit and @WSO-MusicForMedia this silly track is becoming more challenging than I was expecting lol

I’ve made some changes:

  1. Replaced drum kit with Addictive Drums’s one
  2. Replaced Piano vst with a more - I guess - natural sounding
  3. Re-EQed the strumming guitar in the background because there were some annoying hi-frequencies in my opinion.
  4. Checked again the overall balance

The only thing I wasn’t able to make it sound as I wanted to were claps, but I guess they’d be quite ok now.

What do you think?
Thanks for your patience! Most of us are here to learn more from others


I think this one is definitely better! Drums are right and overall balance is close to your original one. I think thats as good as final version of the track.

That changes is quite nice. Mix is definitely better, but i need to add that you need a bit more variation for melody or just some better arrangement. Your melody started then suddenly stopped and didn’t develop much till 0:48 that’s not good. But your ideas is rly nice. Try to shorten it a bit to make less repetitions. Don’t afraid to make short track. Also i’d say you need to add some more loops or instruments for background that could be glue together some stuff and make it a bit more pleasurable. Good luck with it! :wink:

Thank you @FireLast, your feedback helped me a lot too!
I’m now ready to send a final and - I hope - commerciable version that will satisfy reviewers and customers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey guys,
at the end I’ve decided to make the arrangement that goes straight to the the point, uploaded it and got approvation!

Thank you for your useful tips! Good luck!